Salmon Charters

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fishSalmon are some of the largest and most eagerly sought gamefish found in Lake Champlain. Images of silvery leaping fish and singing reels quickly yielding line often come to mind when anglers recall, or anticipate, encounters with these fish. May is a good month and the best would be up to the last week in June. We use small spoons, fly’s on long lines and downriggers.

Sizes are 3-5lbs. The best so far has been  8lbs. We have had bigger fish on but didn’t get them to the boat.

Landlock salmon fishing is a great activity for the entire family. Salmon fishing charters are available from early April until the end of June. We will be leaving out of Point Bay Marina.

We can accommodate anglers very comfortably, and we also have an enclosed toilet onboard for your convenience.

Our rates are very affordable; 1-5 people can fish 4-6 hours of actual fishing. Call or E-Mail for current rates. We GUARANTEE fish or you can choose another trip at no charge or your money back! Reservations are required.

Accommodations: If you need accommodations while visiting the Lake Champlain area, we can make suggestions of local  hotels with easy access to downtown Burlington and Point Bay Marina, where we are located.

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